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Another nice feature is punctuation command recognition, ensuring that your transcriptions are free from typos. If you want a dedicated dictation app, it’s worth checking out Just Press Record. It’s a mobile audio recorder that comes with features such as one tap recording, transcription and iCloud syncing across devices. The great thing is that it’s aimed at pretty much anyone and is extremely easy to use.

It lets you make high quality transcriptions by just hitting a button. When it comes to customizing notes, you can access a plethora of fonts and text sizes. The app is free to download from the Google Play Store, but you can make in-app purchases to access premium features (there’s also a browser version for Chrome). Through it, you can quickly and easily turn speech into searchable text. Once you’ve transcribed a file, you can then edit it from within the app. There’s support for more than 30 languages as well, making it the perfect app if you’re working abroad or with an international team.

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Aside from physical input ones such as swiping, you can also trigger images in your text using voice commands. Additionally, it can also work with Google Translate, and is advertised as providing support for over 60 languages. Microsoft’s Azure cloud service offers advanced speech recognition as part of the platform’s speech services to deliver the Microsoft Azure Speech to Text functionality. Speechmatics offers a machine learning solution to converting speech to text, with its automatic speech recognition solution available to use on existing audio and video files as well as for live use. Even still, this applies mainly to ordinary situations and circumstances, and precludes the use of technical terminology such as required in legal or medical professions. Despite this, digital transcription can still service needs such as basic note-taking which can still be easily done using a phone app, simplifying the dictation process.

There is a trial available, but it’s basically just 15 minutes of free transcription time. Marketed as a personal assistant for turning videos and voice memos into text files, Transcribe is a popular dictation app that’s powered by AI.

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This has made the best voice to text applications increasingly valuable to users in a range of different environments, from education to business. This is not least because the technology has matured to the level where mistakes in transcriptions are relatively rare, with some services rightly boasting a 99.9% success rate from clear audio.

It was 1997, and a Massachusetts company had released dictation software called Dragon NaturallySpeaking, a big improvement over their previous version where you had to pause after each word. The idea, as the name implied, was that you could speak naturally. There are many voice commands for editing, correcting, and even moving the mouse cursor. Speech-to-Text uses deep learning technology for great accuracy.

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Some of the best dictation software can even recognize different voices and split the conversation. SpeechTexteris another speech-to-text app that aims to do more than just record your voice to a text file. This app is built specifically to work with social media, so that rather than sending messages, emails, Tweets, and similar, you can record your voice directly to the social media sites and send. There are also a number of language packs you can download for offline working if you want to use more than just English, which is handy. Once you’ve transcribed a file, you can export the raw text to a word processor to edit. The app is free to download, but you’ll have to make an in-app purchase if you want to make the most of these features in the long-term.

Take the time to learn a few simple commands, such as "new line" to enter a line break. There are different commands for composing, editing, and operating your device. Commands may differ from app to app, so learn the ones that apply to the tool you choose. Though dictation software is pretty good at recognizing different voices, it’s not perfect. Here, I’ll walk you through Voicemeeter download the different types of speech-to-text software, why you should give them a try, and provide tips on getting the best results. And, of course, I’ll provide a detailed review of our top picks for the best dictation software. When the first modern version of dictation software arrived on the scene, Titanic was the top-grossing movie.

You can speak directly into this app, or upload audio files for transcription. It can learn domain or industry-specific terms and phrases. It won’t be long until voice command technology takes over in many areas of our lives. It’s far better to use your voice to control certain things you shouldn’t use your hands for, like the radio or seat adjuster. The same is true for professionals like surgeons or automobile mechanics where hands-free is cleaner or safer. Whether it’s for jotting down long notes while out and about, or dictating page after page when home working. Journalists can also use dictation apps when doing interviews.